Monday, March 7, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau

Along with the Matrix, Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, Minority Report, etc., the latest movie "The Adjustment Bureau" causes one to think about that old phrase:

Who's choking the Chicken?

I am not a big reader of The Washington Post, however the article by Ezra Klein on the idea of "The Adjustment Bureau" and Washington being able to perform a complicated plan is worth reading. Mr. Klein clues us in on how "sophisticated it isn't":

But I tend to be shocked at how sophisticated it isn't. Communication between various political actors -- a crucial ingredient in any serious plan -- is surprisingly informal and inadequate. Members of Congress and their staffs don't really have access to secret, efficient networks of information. Instead, they read Roll Call and the Hill and The Washington Post and keep their televisions tuned to cable news, turning up the volume when a colleague involved in a bill they're interested in appears on the screen. Then everyone sits around and speculates about what they just heard. Most every political reporter can back me up when I say that it's extremely common for key players on both sides of the aisle to ask you what you're hearing or how you'd rate the chances of their bill -- and this typically happens when you're sitting down to ask them the very same questions. It's terribly disappointing and, I'm convinced, 100 percent genuine.
Here is the link:

Mr. Klein has, to use another old phrase:

Hit the nail on the head

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