Monday, February 28, 2011

Greed versus Public Service

I am not a huge fan of the Oscars; however, the award for Best Documentary gave me hope that American will and are taking back our country from the "Excess Class". This is a new category I have developed to be added to our standard Class System: The Under Class, The Working Poor Class, The Middle Class, and The Upper Class. "The Excess Class" are the very powerful Top-level executives and politicians who have no moral compass other than GREED. The question asked of "The Excess Class" is simply: How much is enough? Followed by: Why? I guess it is always the "why" questions that trap us all.

I highly recommend we as Americans watch the movie "Inside Job", become aware of those stealing our country, and take actions to prosecute the guilty. For those who might not be aware this documentary film is about the financial meltdown caused by "Wall Street Bankers" of which not a single executive has gone to jail for almost destroying our nation.

Maybe history is repeating, I am thinking of the film "Network".

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