Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Live Like You Were Dying - Tim McGraw

I had a Tim McGraw moment in his song "Live like you were Dying". Chest X-Ray showed something on my lung. Met yesterday with the doctor and am now awaiting a CAT Scan hopefully on Thursday or Friday, with the reading of that CAT next week. "Its probably something else that is causing the cough, but we want to be sure it is not cancer" says the doc. The "C-word" was used 3 times in the doctor's visit. She's probably right but as I was leaving and still now, it (the idea of cancer in one's lung) has a "stop you on a dime" profundity and complexity that searches one's thoughts. So for a week I will wait the results with a quiet desperation. Like the doctor said "its probably something else" however until confirmed it is something to me.

So what have I learned? Stress kills, stress destroys, and stress removes you from life. For me I quit the stressed lifestyle of success, of winning, of got-to-have, of what-about-this promotion, of whatever that separates me from my family. There are people and adventures with those that I love that are more important than getting that report out on time. Time - what a deep philosophical and theological reality to one who may be short on it. As The Guess Who's famous song says, "I got no time, no time..."

I wear two hats now - one in public of calm and one in private of concern.

So here is the song that seems to be playing quite regularly in my mind:

"Love deeper, speak sweeter"

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