Tuesday, December 7, 2010

21st Century Man

I had the opportunity to browse the blogs and came across a entry that gave tribute to a friend and the author said he was a "21st Century Man". So I began to thing what is a 21st century man? Through my search I found this amazing video from RSA Animate titled 21st Century Enlightenment. Very interesting stuff and I had to pause it many time to read what he put on the White Board. This is very creative and simplifies so much philosophy.

The part I liked most was his statement of:

"To Resist our tendencies to make Right or True that which is merely Familiar and Wrong or False that which is only Strange."

So maybe a charasteristic of the 21st Century Man or Woman is to question the ancestor worship of the generation in control and to resist internalizing the tendencies of that generation. To look beyond the automatic judgments.

Eagle Driver
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