Thursday, October 7, 2010

Freedom of Thought

I am so thankful that we live in an age where so many ideas can be brought out through the internet. I am so thankful that I can read these ideas and then investigate the validity of the thought provoking concepts. I find this especially relevant in the discussion of Theology as I am quite interested in the subject - from The Gospel Coalition Blog to an atheistic blog of Unequally Yoked and everything in between. I find their philosophical and the Biblical questions fascinating and causes me to perform that all important activity, lost in much of our culture, that being to THINK. Much of what I read concerning the Bible falls into 4 categories:

1. Water Skiing approach - simple surface reading and then drawing life conclusions from the surface.

2. Snorkeling approach - searching just beyond the initial reading and then drawing life conclusions from the surface.

3. Scuba Diving approach - searching deeper into what we have read and beginning to ask the infamous "why" questions with a general comparison of Philosophical concepts and then drawing life conclusions from the surface.

4. Deep Sea Exploration approach - the result of unanswered questions from the Scuba Method and as the character of Morpheus in the first Matrix movie describes it as the "splinter of the mind". The questions drive us deeper and in this search we find the Answer of Life.

I am so thankful, and as the character Trinity of the movie Matrix says, "Be honest".

The scene that describes this quest for truth is where Trinity takes Neo to meet Morpheus:

The Matrix Scene from YouTube

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