Saturday, August 7, 2010

Leadership verses Today

Winston Churchill writes in Volume 1 of The History of the English Speaking Peoples (Dodd, Mead & Co., New York 1956) on page 141 speaking of King Canute around 1027 AD:

"These remarkable achievements, under the blessing of God and the smiles of fortune, were in large measure due to his own personal qualities. He again we see the poser of a great man to bring order out of ceaseless broils and command harmony and unity to be his servants, and how the lack of such men has to be paid for by the inestimable suffering of the many."

My, how nothing has changed, for without vision the people die. Somehow I cannot see the popular candidates and our society's focus on rock-star popularity contests as someone who can bring order out of ceaseless broils and command harmony. Earlier Sir Churchill wrote of the death of King Edmund Ironside and the lack of follow-on leaders:

"... but in 1016, at twenty-two years of age, Edmund Ironside died, and the whole realm abandoned itself to despair."

Our actions have long lasting, generational effect. The question we must ask ourselves is:

Am I bringing order out of ceaseless broils and commanding harmony?
Am I causing my people to abandon themselves to despair?

What legacy do we want to leave?

Eagle Driver
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